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Bye bye Wordpress... Welcome Hugo!

2022-02-06 3 min read fud0

Finally, after a long time, I am back to post with a simple but important news. The dismiss of Wordpress for blogging and the migration towards something faster and simpler like Hugo. On the one hand the desire to abandon a framework perpetually “under attack”, on the other the desire to try something new. In fact, in recent months I have heard from more than someone about Hugo and its ease of use.
Mostly chosen by people like me, who likes to use often Markdown language to write their own documentation.

This blog will basically be a static site so I said to myself, why not choose it?

In the past few days, I have therefore started working on the transition. Not that I had written many articles, but I still had to “bring them” and do the due experiments with the chosen theme. A few small adjustments with the theme and here we are, “again” online.

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